I’d like to produce. I’d like to come up with ideas and collaborate with people and directors and writers that I like, be a part of movies that have the same idea that the movies that impacted me have. I’d like to be able to do that for people. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. by Wes Anderson, 2014)

Joanne Froggatt arrives at the MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey” Season 5 panel on July 22, 2014 at the 2014 TCA Press Tour. x


SO JOSS WHEDON!!! DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME that tony stark who hacked the shield servers because he refused to eat fury’s bullshit, tony stark who didn’t trust black widow at the beginning of avengers because she was a spy, tony stark who told congress to fuck off when they asked for his suits, TONY STARK who said “INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AFRAID OF INTELLIGENCE? HISTORICALLY: NOT AWESOME,” tony stark who exists in a POST-CAP 2 WORLD, THAT TONY STARK is going to purposely build a SENTIENT ROBOT SEQUEL TO PROJECT INSIGHT SO THAT HE AND HIS FRIENDS CAN TAKE A BREAK??? IS THAT WHAT YOU MEAN TO TELL ME??


Reunited…and it feels so good! #Wienermobile #holdonweregoinhome